“Arise, awake, and stop not until the goal is achieved.”

The idea that an all powerful father figure created the universe and the rules of ethics seems absurd from even a casual study of history. The immense cruelty in the world would be a reason for utter despair, if one thought it the result of the design of an all powerful being. Yet attempts to create ethical systems without reference to the creative nature of the universe, like Utilitarianism, fail to connect with the spiritual instincts that play an essential role in ethical feelings and thought.

The mission of the Ethics and Spirituality has to encourage students & staff to incorporate faith-based virtues into their work and to promote efforts to align teaching practice with authentic human flourishing and the global common good.

Value Meetings

Gurukul often referred as ‘Sanskardhaam’.
Swamijies conduct value meeting every evening. This meeting starts from the Aarti of Shri Ghanshyam Maharaj, followed by a Devotional Songs and Spiritual Discourses from scriptures like Vachanamrut. The students are imparted ‘Sanskaar’ – ethics and values, today’s main missing concern in this rich India.

Religious Session

This is a special half an hour session thrice in a week. In this Session, Swamijis teach scriptures, devotional songs, recitations and moral values.

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