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the power of yoga : Improves Memory And Attention Span

Yoga’s innate ability to cease the mental chatter and live in the moment reduces stress and anxiety, showing profound benefits in every sphere of life. Students are very stressed individuals, keen to outperform themselves and prove their worth every chance they get. Sitting down to study for long hours at a time and too much screen time can lead to incorrect posture. This poor posture in childhood can develop into major anatomy complication in adult life.

Yoga helps to improve the memory function in both adults and children, a direct benefit of which would be a better academic performance in children. It also helps to improve children’s attention span and focus. In fact, yoga aids children suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as well by reducing its core symptoms such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

every champion was a contender that refused to give up.

Academic learning and sports education are very much interrelated. They are the two sides of the same coin. Sport’s education is considered an integral part of the curriculum along with theory classes.

It leads to the development of the personality of an individual. It complements the overall growth of a person in every sphere. This subject is indirectly a practical performance for all the subjects one learns in academics.

Sports activities establish the qualities of discipline which help in every field of life.

There are several benefits of having sport’s education incorporated curriculum in schools, it teaches the student teamwork and dedication, discipline and punctuality. It makes students courteous in life. Exercising sport’s activities daily keeps them fit and healthy protecting them from numerous diseases such as arthritis, obesity, heart problems.

Sports builds confidence and leadership qualities in an individual. It teaches them how to face all the challenges and cross the hurdles by removing all the weaknesses, to carry on in life. All these events play an important role in physical development, as physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and mental health.

The sports activities can also help students to perform better in academics.

A student experiences the influence of analysis, intellectual growth and occupational specialization at school level which they receive from academic or theoretical education. Sports education in conjunction with academics results in the overall progress of the students.

Sports make an individual strong and steady. An active and energetic physique is necessary as it is said that ‘a strong mind resides in a strong body’. Thus, being physically active is a must, concentration and mental development are the bliss of an active person who is involved in sport’s activities

indoor games

Board games or any indoor games help us to practice essential cognitive skills and enhance the parts of brain responsible for complex thought and memory formation. Creative indoor games help the brain retain and build cognitive associations well in old age.

Many board games require the use of fine motor skills to pick up or move pieces, actions that take both coordination and dexterity. Regular practice and activity improve their basic skills which are important to elderly.

The physical activities help students to refresh their minds and create happiness in them.

Social interaction – Playing sports in school and participating in school sport team helps children to socialise and bond with each other. Physical health – playing sports daily will make a student healthy and stress free which in turn will boost his performance in school. Boost confidence- Sports helps students to gain confidence by playing with their classmates and engaging in friendly competition.

Swimming Helps students To Develop Confidence

Swimming is undoubtedly the best form of exercise for all age groups that keeps them emotionally and physically healthy. Student life is the best phase of a person’s life cycle when they mould up their character and other routines. It is the age when one can learn a new skill easily without much effort.

Our swimming lessons have specifically tailored for kidshelps them to improve their confidence. Regularly taking part in swimming classes not only helps them in their swimming skills but also improves their progress in school as well.They achieve extraordinary results by following the direction in the pool.

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