काकचेष्टा – Effort Like a Crow

” काकचेष्टा – Effort Like a Crow ” 

One of the top most university of the world Oxford University has interviewed & counselled ann number of students And as a conclusion they found 7 common PROBLEMS of Students which were related to education & study

They are…


  1. How to develop motivation for study ?
  2. How to overcome distractions ?
  3. How to develop concentration ?
  4. How to increase memory power & retention capacity
  5. How to develop interest in study ?
  6. How to manage time ?
  7. How to get the right counselling at the right time ?

These are the common questions asked by students, these are the common concerns & problems during the student life You also are a student, so you may also be facing such kinds of problems ? Do you want to overcome these problems & become an Ideal Student ?

If your answer is YES, then this Blog will absolutely help you Read this Blog till the end & share this Blog with your friends, classmates so that they can also be benefited. What is the SOLUTION to these common problems of students ?

Our Scripture gives us SOLUTION to all these problems within single Sloka, which is…

काकचेष्टा बकध्यानं श्वाननिद्रा तथैव  

अल्पाहारं ब्रह्मचर्यं विद्यार्थीपंचलक्षणम् 

These are the 5 virtues of a Vidyarthi

Who is called a Vidyarthi ?

Vidyarthi :

Vidya = Knowledge / Skill

Arthi = Who desires & seeks

Therefore Vidyarthi is the seeker of knowledge/skills, a learnera student.

If you want to gain the knowledge of any subject like math, science, english, social studies or any spiritual scriptures or if you want to develop any skill in sports, in arts & craft, in Music, in leadership etc.