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MONEY vs DHARM – Lakshmichand Sheth from Ghoghhla

Here is the blog of a brave and determined devotee named Lakshmichand Sheth. Supreme Godhead Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan had given the Five Spiritual Disciplines for a householder devotee commonly known as Panch Vartman. Among the five spiritual disciplines let’s go ahead with the second vartaman which is 02. Not to Eat Meat. Bhagwan Swaminarayan has strictly commanded in Shikshapatri describing

काकचेष्टा – Effort Like a Crow


” काकचेष्टा – Effort Like a Crow ”  One of the top most university of the world Oxford University has interviewed & counselled ann number of students And as a conclusion they found 7 common PROBLEMS of Students which were related to education & study They are… How to develop motivation for study ? How to overcome distractions ? How

Young Scientist of the India Akshay Chaugale


Only few people on this planet remember origin of their success journey. After getting the huge success in his life Akshay Chaugale is one of the students of Swaminarayan Gurukul international school Kalaburagi. After becoming one of the top young scientists of the world, visited to school and recalled all his journey of success in

તિલક કરવામાં ક્ષોભ શાનો ?


Why hesitate in doing tilak ?  તિલક કરવામાં ક્ષોભ શાનો ? આજની પેઢીના વિદ્યાર્થીઓ કયારેક શુભ પ્રસંગે ચાંદલો કરવાના સમયે મોઢું બગાડતા હોય છે. કેટલીક શાળા કોલેજોમાં અધ્યાપકો દ્વારા છોકરા-છોકરીઓને ચાંદલા કરવાની મનાઈ ફરમાવવામાં આવે છે. મોટા ભાગના પુરુષો પોતાને ફેશનેબલ ગણાવવા તિલકને તિલાંજલિ આપી દે છે. સાથે સ્ત્રીઓ પણ કુદરતી દ્રવ્યોનો અનાદર કરી વેલ્વેટ અને